At GEN2, we believe the best way to deal with change is to embrace it. Change is inevitable so why fight it? You should not have to feel insecure about your body - especially when the change you are going through is beyond your control.
Hair loss is tough and most men naturally find this change daunting to deal with. Many personal grooming companies see this as a problem to fix. I’ve seen recommendations for every type of cosmetic “fix,” from hair-thickening drugs to expensive surgery and even tattoosOur team will never recommend these ridiculous procedures to men who are going through the natural process of hair loss.
At GEN2 #WeGoAgainstTheGrain by encouraging you to embrace these changes. We hope that you'll go even a step further by using this change as an opportunity to cultivate a new personal style because #BaldIsBeautifulSo, join us as we create a community united not only by our shaved heads but also by our appreciation for premium grooming products. Cheers to looking great and feeling confident.

Why Do I Care? ... Because I'm a customer too.

 The vision for GEN2 was born in Oct 2019 at the Toronto Pearson airport. I had 3 hours to kill before my flight and my mind started to wander - as it often does. Top of mind for me was the terrible shaving irritation I was developing on my scalp.

I had gotten a promotion a couple of months prior, the new role required me to speak in public more often. To look sharp at work, I increased my shaving frequency. I went from shaving at a barbershop once a week to 2-3 times a week with a close shaver. My scalp revolted.
My hunt for the right products was so underwhelming - all the websites looked scammy AF!. Finally I settled on a moisturizer and picked it up as soon as I landed.
All weekend I couldn't shake it off. There had to be a product line that I would be proud to use and get results. I kept searching but came up short. What I did find were a lot of ads telling me to fix my bald head. 80% of the content on hairloss was just flat out depressing. Fix this, take this pill, do this surgery, maybe get this tattoo. I was livid. I wasn't looking for a fix, I was looking for products that complimented my decision to evolve. This anger transformed into inspiration and the rest is history.
Look around, the same pattern exist everywhere in the beauty industry. You experience X change in your body, some company offers product Y promising to restore you to some previous glory. It shouldn't be this way. As we grow, our body goes through natural changes (like hair loss) and that's okay. We should evolve and grow through these phase with confidence. At GEN2 we'll provide knowledge, a supportive community and top notch quality products you need to embrace whatever new chapter you're in.
Tobi Laleye