Can your bald head become even more beautiful?
 Hell Yeah!

How to a maintain a bald head (& face) that gets you

 the right kind of attention..

What’s so special about these products? 

The “baldie-first” approach 

Compared to your follicle-rich friends, you need higher quality grooming products. You shave more, secrete more oil and have more skin exposed to the elements...we design with all your needs in mind. 

60-Second investments that pay handsomely

You’ll  literally feel your skin get smoother and softer by the day.

Products work in sync

We’ve got you covered end-to-end. No awkward scent mixes and ingredients that oppose each other. Each product picks up where the last left off. 

Made from Naturally derived & Organic


Tested on all our friends (no babies or animals)

Non-greasy. Feels great instantly!

 “The Best Thing I Ever Decided to do for my face & bald head”

No more nicks & cuts... No more skipping shaves due to irritation …No more dryness or excessive shine… 

… And best of all: No more feeling insecure about a fading hairline.

The Perfect Shave Set

Set includes: 

Exfoliating scrub

 Shave Lather

Aftershave Balm


Day & Night Maintenance Set 

Set includes: 

Purifying Cleanser

Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF25 

Mattifying Moisturizer


Want to Mix & Match?

What’s the #1 Thing People Tell Us 

About Our Products? 

…That They’re Totally, Absolutely, 110% Worth It. 

Worried about it taking too much time? Don’t be

(It’s much, much easier than you think)


Purifying Cleanser + Moisturizing Sunscreen

60 Seconds and you're out the door.


Purifying Cleanser + Mattifying Moisturizer 

60 Seconds before you go bed or head out for the night. 


Exfoliating + Shave Lather + After Shave Balm

Your regular shave time + 60 Seconds 

“... But What If It Doesn’t Work Out?”

Maybe you’ve already been burned by overpriced, sub-par grooming from a big-box store. It happens. 

We get it. That’s why we’ve built our entire business around making sure you’re happy. 

We promise smoother, softer, healthier skin or your money back. 

You’ll start seeing results within 30 days following this routine.