How to maintain a smooth bald head that gets the right kind of attention - 6 skincare tips. 

Say goodbye to bumps, ingrown hair, flaky dry skin skin,razor burns, excess shine...

30 seconds - Twice a day. 

Use a gentle cleanser, your soap & shampoo go too far.

Soaps remove germs & dirt but also strip your skin of essential natural oils - leaving you super dry. 

 A purifying cleanser strikes the perfect balance - gets rids of the yucky grime without drying up your skin. Plus, you no longer need to budget for a separate face wash.


30 seconds - Twice a week. 

Exfoliate, dead skin cells are the enemy of a smooth bald head.

Struggling with ingrown? Flaky leathery skin? That's what happens when dead skin cells build up. They clog your pores and trap your hair - leaving you with annoying ingrown hairs. Exfoliating reveals fresh healthier skin. It also raises your hair, allowing for a closer shave.


Your own pace - As often as needed.

Use a shave lather, water isn't lube.

Rough and inconsistent strokes are no fun...when shaving. Nicks, cuts and razor burn are caused by excess friction between the razor and your skin. Lube it up with a shave lather, allowing your razor glide oh-so smoothly. It also softens the hair, making it easy to get that close shave you want. Keep your razor sharp, no amount of lube can help a bad tool.


20 seconds - After every shave. 

Use an aftershave balm that kills germs without the sting.

When you shave you not only take away hair but very tiny layers of your skin. This disturbance to your skin can cause irritation and inflammation. Unlike alcohol based aftershaves, a good aftershave kills germs without stinging and drying out your skin. It soothes and calms inflamed skin.


Everyday. Sunny or not. Working from home or not. 

Moisturizing Sunscreen, locks in moisture and keeps harmful rays out.

Big brown spots don't belong on your beautiful noggin. UVA & UVB rays cause sunburn, long term skin damage and skin cancer. Use an SPF moisturizer that protects you from the sun and prevents your skin from drying out.


30 seconds - Night time. 

A matte moisturizer for when the sun is down.

You shouldn't wear sunscreen to bed. This moisturizer hydrates your skin while giving your bald head and face a nice matte finish. Perfect for oil control on a night out.

Ready to take your bald head to a whole new level of sexy?

Your face and scalp will thank you!